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Fiber, Flax, and Oil

Not sure what made me think of it, but I was reading up about natural ways to disolve gallstones (which I think of now and then ever since doing a flush and seeing how many stones I passed), and one of the things it mentioned was plenty of fiber. And then I was looking up low carb - i.e. non-grain - fiber sources, and I found a mention of flax seed. I'm mentioning it here because it's supposed to be quite satiating, and it's a good low carb diet food. Not to mention it's rich in omega fatty acids, which not only helps you burn fat and is important for overall health in various ways (including heart, brain, energy, immune system, etc etc), but I can attest it can make a huge difference to your mental health as well!

So anyway, I found some information on flax seed and various things you can do with it... apparently, if you grind it into meal (you can use a normal coffee grinder), you can even add water and make a porrige-like paste out of it, which makes a nice low carb breakfast alternative to eggs. Looking now, oatmeal is pretty moderate in terms of carbs as well (though not as low as flax), but "steel cut" oats are even better, though apparently they take longer to cook:

Many people think of oatmeal as the best of all possible grains. It's true that old fashioned rolled oats have a moderate glycemic index, but "steel cut" oats, traditional in Scotland, have a lower impact. They also take longer to cook! If you want to try them, but are in a hurry in the morning, try this: Scald a Thermos with boiling water, to pre-heat it. Then combine steel cut oats and boiling water in the Thermos, using the proportions listed on the label. Cover, and let sit overnight. You'll have cooked oatmeal when you get up. Eat some protein with it, will you? You don't want to be hungry by 10:00.

I found place I can order both the flax seed and the steel cut oats, in case I don't get uptown to the health food store; there are times I do so love me some oatmeal! In fact, my belly is burning now and talking about it has got me craving it, so I think I'll have some for breakfast. :)

Anyway, just thought I'd pass this info along in case you might find it helpful. Here are a few links you might want to check out as well:

High Fiber, Low Carb Food List

High Fiber, Low Carb - Getting Fiber on a Low Carb Diet

Flax Recipes

Flax Seed Cautions

Oh, and also, I read that you need to increase your fiber intake slowly, so you don't upset your digestive system. And the more fiber you eat, the more water you need, partially because fiber absorbs some of your water intake, and partially so you don't get seriously bunged up! Plus, there are a few reasons you don't want to go crazy on the flax seed (no more than a few tablespoons daily), as indicated on this page. But bearing that in mind, I know I can certainly use more fiber, amongst other nutrients, so I'm definitely gonna get me some flax and oats!

P.S. One of the pages says, "If you purchase the whole seeds, you need to grind them up to get the benefit," but the ones I'm ordering are 'cracked' linseed (flax), which I thinks means the outer shell is breached so the body can access the nutrients. I'm pretty sure that's the case, cuz right on that page it mentions sprinkling them directly on food.  Plus, I read that elsewhere as well, that you can sprinkle them directly on food, you just need to chew them up well to make sure you get the benefits. I'm still going to see about getting a grinder, though, especially since I've wanted one for awhile now anyway to make nut flour.

P.P.S. Rapeseed oil (or I guess canola, as it's known there) is the lowest in saturated fat, and contains both omega-3 and -6; I always heard it was the best, and it's what I've been using, but now I read that it can cause heart problems due to some of the omega being converted into trans fat during processing. I found this in an article about the health questions regarding canola:

So whats the alternative? What oil should we be cooking with? Olive Oil?

Extra virgin olive oils wonderful, but it does have a unique taste. Im for real butter, palm kernel oil, coconut oil or even lard first, but the negative PR on saturated fat has pretty much killed the use of the last three. Fresh flax oil would be my next choice. (And did you know that the director of the Framingham heart study stated the exact opposite of what weve been told was the result of that study, specifically that the more saturated fat used, the better heart health people seemed to have?)

For now, it would seem that the search will have to go on for a magic oil that we can use for processing and cooking with no adverse side effects. There have been polyunsaturated pretenders, there have been monosaturated contenders, but so far there is no king.

That backs up my experience, as the low carbers I know all had their cholesterol lower after going low carb.  And I know the lady who's low carb blog I read and who is perfectly healthy after 14 years of eating low carb uses butter and coconut oil, and I just read on Wikipedia that coconut oil seems to be beneficial in terms of reducing risk of heart disease and blood clots, and has anti-microbial (antibiotic) properties, as well as being effective against certain strains of Candida yeast (which is what I suffer from). So I think I'll try that as well, especially since that's something I can get at the grocery store.

So hard to make heads or tails of nutritional info sometimes - basically, the only thing I'm confident of is that lots of veg - particularly of the non-starchy variety - and a fair amount of protein is healthy, and that moderation is key. Everything else has me pretty well baffled!


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Jun. 8th, 2009 02:11 am (UTC)
OMG, how cool. I was looking into buying a liter of flaxseed oil and careim protein?
Jun. 8th, 2009 09:31 am (UTC)
Wow, that's a trip... so what's careim protein? I couldn't find it via a search, is that maybe a typo?
Jun. 8th, 2009 03:38 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I did misspell it. its casein protien.

its kinda under revies because one website says it increases chance of cancer though. As for anything else, I am supposed to take the mixture of the flax seed oil and the protein together an hour before bed.

I am also worried about not eating enough as well. But the amount I feel i have eaten is way less than what I normally consume. I just changed the yeps of things and yeah i did reduce my intake. I hate having to do that. However if i go to dans again. I am going to hit that mongolian type place and pig out. hehe.

I never eat out anymore, I cut sodas, I have bought 2% milk becuase you were right about the sugars...i still like whole though. i dont give a crap what others say , "its fattening" and blah blah balh" they can suck my knubb. lol

Jun. 8th, 2009 10:22 am (UTC)
Oh, right, *casein* protein... I thought that looked familiar, I just couldn't quite remember what the actual spelling was! Yeah, I think that's a good idea, especially if things are a bit tight right now and you're having trouble getting enough to eat; the extra protein will be a big help in keeping you full and keeping your metabolism up. And particularly with you working out, that protein is crucial.

So yeah, between the fiber and omega of the flax and the protein of the casein, definitely worth getting a hold of!
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