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day too

ok so i took advice,

Breakfast: eggs and milk
snack fruit cup
lunch soup beef veggie
snack: lemon and celery
dinner: soup again.

as for anything else i am getting tha p90x thingy disk dvd and Alex and I are going to give it a shot. honestly, healthy weight and life style start at home and early age. so I have to teach him about healthy living and if i can make him feel better. I am hoping that teaching him will follow him thruogh life. so we shall see.


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Jun. 2nd, 2009 04:21 pm (UTC)
Sounds good - do you feel any better today? How's your head and tummy? Any less irritable? Did the soup actually help you feel full longer?

I forget what the video you got is, was it weight lifting? I think it's a great idea to get Alex in the habit of taking care of himself early in life. It's something fun you can do together, and it will hopefully become habit for him, and give him a good foundation to build on in future. Not to mention it could even help settle him down a little; I think you mentioned that, even though he's a really good kid, he's had some attention problems and what have you? The additional exercise could do wonders for his brain chemistry, not to mention his overall mood (and yours, too!).

Anyway, sounds like you're doing really well - you *go*, boy! ;D
Jun. 2nd, 2009 06:59 pm (UTC)
well, the soup i make is damn good its everything i can do to NOT chow down LOL. but i am doing fine otherwise. feeling full ...I guess as long as it is not like just liquid IE: tomato soup (another favorite). hopefully the video i will be getting is called the p90x (that is the name) i can get it on ebay for about 40 to 60 bux i think.)

In regards to alex, yeah I think this will wear him down and shape him up instead of eating a ton of crap all the time. If I can make a difference in both of us I will be able to carry that difference to the end of the year and maybe longer. I know I need it.

Truthfully, I want to look good feel healthy. but look to find a decent relationship. however as fucked as the world is most of it is so hung up on looks. what a friggen joke. I mean i am not like jabba the hut ( but i feel like it sometimes) ADN if i do get approaced about a relationship, may i have the knowledge to say take it slow. I dont want to put alex or myself through shit
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