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Thrid straight day

Hi all this is my 3rd straight day of cardio and weight loss. I have lost another 1.3 pounds I am sitting at 264.. I guess my goal is going to be that last 4 pounds by this Saturdays weight in. Then i can start in on the following week on my weight training for about 2 weeks. Then hit the cardio again.

My diet is mostly , raisin bran, basic 4 or another whole grain cereal and an apple or banana with black coffee (optional) lunch a chicken sandwich with tomatoes lettuce and light mayo mustard. another apple for snack. Dinner is chicken or fish with veggies. treat; is diet coke every other day.

My workouts yield big losses. and it does take commitment. Not feeling sorry for self. that is another posting.


I now weigh 265...YIPPIE!!

that is a big loss. I am down 5.8 pounds. I think what happened is that I took a break from going to the gym for a week and giving my body time to rest (being lazy). So my new muscles were able to use calories galore. This week I am renewed and fresh to start going to gym for my hard core cardio part. If I can squeeze it in tonight, weights. Since the kids are not here that may be a possibility.

I have some gardening work to finish. It's mostly clean up from trash day ( ya know,put it on the curb and the great trash heap takes it away). I am taking b12 vitimin and some damn fish oil that is HUGE!! This thing rivals a torpedo going down my throat. so we shall see if that helps me.

A friend suggested that I get into testosterone therapy...ammm. I think my testostrones are fine. but It would not hurt to have my levels checked I guess. so we shall see.

Day 4

I woke at 445am on a Saturday...it was worth while though. I had an English exam that morning and weigh in. Ok the drum roll pleeze..

lost .04 pounds. eh...

ok so a gain is not there. but I was able to bench 190 3 consecutive times before dropping the weight down to 160 for more reps/sets

so next time i go for chest work, I will set it one more time for that 190 and hit 5 times. once that is done then lower weight and rep/sets.

so I am getting stronger, and I only had two days of cardio. which this week i will hit 3 times to see if there is a good drop in weight. I will probably do weights for a month more and then do straight cardio for 2 weeks 4 days a week. then back to weights again.

that is what is up.
Oh yeah I am irritiable. go figure.

Day 3

I unwittingly woke up at 412am. Now you all have to understand, although i did elect to do this, it does not mean I have to like it. GGggrrrrr.

Ok, My mental well being is this, I have finals, I have to deal with kids, I have tons of laundry...(i have been slacking). I have a medi-cal thing to do.

But in light of this, I have been thinking other thoughts, like; when am I going to lose my guy. it looks like a radial tire, it just flops around, god get this thing off me already. gross, i can feel it wiggle, I look unattractive with this damn chunk of flesh flopping around. You know stuff.

Well I go to gym and Always feel better.

SO with that in mind, CARDIO!!! I dread it but learning to like it. 45 min of level 12 181 HBPM, sweating profusely in the last 15 min of it. took nice (cold shower ick) but it cooled me off.

yesterday would have been bad except for great choices. there is this thing here in Fresno called the "Bulldog Grill" I met up with some friends from out of town. This place mainly has hot dogs and beef sandwiches. so I felt doomed. Of course light at the end of the tunnel theme music played and there was a garden burger. Yep you guessed it I went for the garden burger. I am proud of myself. cause everyone else was going for the big fattening stuff. I did good ( breaks arm patting self on back).

My post weigh in after workout 268.2 back down to around 16 pounds lost after a 3 pound gain of muscle. go me. ;)

day 2

yep did it again, got up at 430 to workout. mostly upperbody and some abs. not as enthuastic about staying there when you are falling asleep on the floor while doing straight leg raises. that was my que to go. I did get a worthwhile workout though. I feel good about it.

addition to update. I kinda feel that I cheated by not working until i had muscle failure. so I am thinking that I am going to go back and work out again. yeah i think i am going to do that.

Ok day 1

Today is the day I am starting to get up at 430am to do my health experiment.

Todays event was Elliptical machine, 45 min at 155 to 170 heartbeats a min.

I felt confident in the first 20 min but soon had to keep my encouragement up. I sweated and agonized for 5 min after that then it hit. the second wind. Deep breathing, pleasant thought of the belly and fat melting off me were motivation. not to mention that cute blond that was really working it in front of me. yikes.

anyways, I did really good. i showered, and left to do the morning routine with the kids and school. So we shall see.

How true it is... ;)


Ok to start things back up here

I have been faithful in going to the gym and working out my butt. yes. that is what I have been working on and of course, the other stuff too. I have been hitting my abs and I hate those sit ups crunches, and other stuff. I like the back machiene, it provides a good break since it is stronger than my abs.

I have been going for 2 weeks now and at least 4 times this past week. so next week I will be upping my routein to at least 1.5 hours every day I go. working on different body parts. this in an attempt to get my heart healthy, work with my weight watchers program, and be healthier. Hopefully I sould get raped soon but then again if not in the next two months then I am moving elsewhere.

back again

I actually managed to stay at the real gym for over an hour.

I did my thing for 30 min on the nordic something or other. i know it involves the use of arms and legs. and I hate it so much I like it. I also did the weights and that was sporatic for shoulders and back. abs sucked. and rowing machine at 110 pounds. hehe now i hurt. but not so much sice i was just getting back in to it.

That is all though.
Well, keeping moving was even harder today, between me being so out of shape to begin with, and this really being more intense exercise for me than is entirely appropriate at this stage, especially with my not having been on my medication for the past couple months and so back-tracking pain-wise again, but I did it. Okay, more walking than jogging - though I did still jog a bit - but briskly enough so it was still a workout.

I'm gonna start back on my medication in the morning, so although my pain might initially worsen, at least I won't feel like I'm fighting a losing battle as far as working through the pain barrier and hoping to come out the other side at some point as I get a bit fitter. And I won't be quite so worried about it getting that painful that I have to take a break altogether, because I really don't want to screw up my already shaky momentum.

Oh, and just for the record, so I can actually keep track of my accomplishments in numbers as well as inches and overall feeling of well-being - number changes are the most fun to report anyway, because, along with pictures, they have the biggest impact on people - as of today, I'm 17st8 / 246 lbs. I didn't bother faffing with the body fat thing on my scale right now, because I'm really tired and hurting, and as I've only started eating better these past few days, I have a feeling I'm still just over the limit anyway to where it would just show as an error (i.e. anything over 50%). I have been eating better again, though, so I'll check it later in the week.

Last time I kept really low carb, I lost about 25% body fat, so I'm fairly confident I'll see some changes soon if I keep my eating in check. Of course, strangely, I didn't lose any weight, but that could be because some people have to lower their dairy intake as well as the carbs, and I've tended towards dairyholism. But I've mostly cut back on the dairy for awhile now, and will make a point of keeping my intake reduced, so we'll see.

Hopefully getting out walking/jogging/(eventually) running every day will have *some* beneficial impact; I imagine it's got to at some point. Right now, though, while it's really nice to get out in the fresh air, have a chat with Erian, and feel like I'm doing something positive, other than that, it just hurts a lot.

Edit: While I am still in a lot of pain, I'm noticing I don't feel nearly as full-on crippled tonight as I have the past couple days as far as limping and being so exhausted I just crawl into bed, so I guess some progress is being made. :}