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weekend stuffs


Ok I have been fighting with a bout of hypertension in the left neck area. Not sure why but doing neck stretching. I have been eating ok, but I have began to leat less, (hard friggen thing to do) and eat healthier like brown rice ( really hard to chew even if I cook for 45 min. I have to get used to that. So here is what I had yesterday:

Eggs, coffee, 9blakc ick) ,
Snack: cup of cereal unsweetened and milk 1 percent (yuck)_
Lunch celery and a piece of chicken
Snack apple
Dinner…other piece of chicken

Tons of water.


Cereal millkk 1.5 cups
Snack: carrots
Lunch chicken…again
Snack cup of cereal
Dinner brown rice, veggies and shredded chicken

Yeah brown rice. Yuck and expensice too but supposed to last longer in digestion I guess.

Oh yeah mucis id did, forst sucked, second too loud LOL


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Jun. 8th, 2009 05:17 am (UTC)
Still not sure you're eating enough, but don't know if that's cuz money's tight or you think you're really supposed to restrict your calories that much. Was looking to find a place online to send you some xylitol so you don't have to have that coffee black, but so hard to find US sites with my Google anymore, it seems pre-set for UK now. And the couple of US sites I did find the xylitol on had *ridonkulous* shipping prices. I'll keep looking, though; the calories are so low, it has virtually no impact on your insulin levels, and unlike most sweeteners, it actually has health benefits, rather than risks.

And yeah, brown rice is chewier, but it shouldn't be *that* chewy - maybe try another brand? I've found it pretty cheap here, too; not as cheap as white, of course, but I'm surprised it's that much more expensive there.

(Ahhh, this site suggests soaking it for an hour before even cooking, then cooking for about another hour - it's actually got detailed instructions on how to get it just right, check it out. Might be worth cooking up a bunch ahead of time to avoid having to wait two hours every time you want brown rice. Mine doesn't come out too bad, but I may try doing it that way myself and see if it comes out even better.)

Anyway, extremely restricted calories aside, sounds like you're doing a lot better than me. I'm not being terrible - though I was a bit of a pig last night - but I'm not eating ideally right now, either. Still working on clear the house completely of every last bit of food for a change before grocery shopping, and getting the kitchen totally clean (just about there), and then I'll be able to start making some really nice meals. And hopefully Erian will do some exercise with me soon, because I'm too tired and in pain to be motivated to do it myself right now. I mean, I will if I have to, but right now I'm focusing my limited energy on getting the house clean once and for all, which is the only way I'm making as much progress as I am.

But *anyway*, as I said, sounds like you're doing really well. :) Just keep the protein up - don't forget, nuts are a cheap and healthy snack, fat aside - and make sure to eat enough, often enough; as I've mentioned before, several small meals are better than three larger ones. I know it seems odd to think that you may need to eat *more* to lose weight, but you're doing your metabolism no favours if you restrict your calories too much.

Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight?

Want to Lose Weight? How Not Eating Enough Can Cause You to Gain Weight!
Jun. 8th, 2009 05:37 am (UTC)
By the way, you might want to try 2% milk - still pretty low-fat, but much less watery than 1%.

(Interestingly enough, I'm fairly sure I remember reading and noticing that, the lower fat the milk, the higher the milk sugar, though I don't know that it's a significant difference.)

Also, sorry to hear about your neck, but stretching sounds a good way to handle it. Glad you're keeping busy working on your music. :)
Jun. 8th, 2009 03:46 pm (UTC)
The only thing I can add to this is what I've heard a lot about - that eating say, six small meals a day instead of three regular ones is supposed to do a lot for kicking up metabolism. Plus I would wager it keeps one from getting hungry as often. Just my two cents - from someone who isn't doing dick-all about diet or exercise right now. ;)

Good on you for your determination and discipline - it took a lot of discipline just for me to read what you've been eating! Brown rice! Bland City. No wonder you always see those pictures of folks in Third World countries looking so unhappy! ;)
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