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This article has some really good info on carb cravings and why we get them. The only one I'd want to qualify is number 7, because if you're eating a low carb diet, your body will be burning fat for fuel and won't be missing the extra carbs even if you're active. However, if you're eating a generally healthy but higher carb diet, then yeah, your body will still be running on carbs, and thus, might crave them if you're very active. Also, I thought 4 was an important point, because 3 is getting to be more widely realised (eat more protein), but people are still so fat phobic. And yet, if you were on an entirely fat-free diet, you would die, because your body needs fat. Yes, there are healthier sources than others and you don't want to totally overload on it*, but fat is an important part of your diet, keeps your blood sugar more stable, and keeps you full longer.

* Though, saying that, if you're eating a diet low enough in carbs, your body won't store even the fat from red meats and such, even if you eat a lot of it. But again, if you're eating a more convential diet, then you'll need to be more careful, but still make sure you're eating a fair amount.

Of course, I came across that article in verifying that my stupid carb indulgences were connected to the fact I hadn't eaten all day. Because I always seem to crave (and buy :\) the worst stuff when I haven't eaten, and I realised it's because my blood sugar drops so low, as mentioned in the very first point. So don't go too long without eating, that's what I say! Plus, I'm stressed out, exhausted and in pain, which hits on #8 and just generally makes me more prone to craving comfort foods, but I've definitely noticed a pattern of me splurging on loads of vile crap when I haven't eaten all day. So that's something to bear in mind, especially for me and the Bruceter-bob, who have known blood sugar issues (though I imagine anyone who hasn't eaten all day will experience a drop in blood sugar, and thus, potential cravings).

A few healthy protein and fat laden snack ideas are nuts (which vary in levels of fat, depending on what kind you get), string cheese (or a slice or two of normal cheese, though string cheese has the added benefits of coming in a nice, pre-measured serving, and of being mozarella, which is relatively low in fat as well as carbs), a boiled egg, and deli meat (which is surprisingly low in calories) and a bit of cream cheese wrapped in a lettuce leaf. Fruit tends to have a lot of sugar, so you shouldn't really have more than a piece a day if you're wanting to lose weight, but berries and cantaloupe are relatively low in carbs, and thus a good choice if you like them (I'm not big on cantaloupe, so I tend to stick mostly to strawberries, which you can also have with cream if you're eating low carb, *mmmm*).

Anyhoo, I really shouldn't be on about any of this right now since I'm eating so shite, but I figured good info is good info regardless of the source, so I thought I'd share. I swear, though, once I'm not focusing all my energy on getting this house clean - which will hopefully be mostly done by the end of the week - I'm definitely going to start eating better and otherwise taking care of myself. It's just doing that requires a lot of effort and focus in itself, and right now all mine is going into getting this place done. I'm feeling the ill effects of eating so badly, though, so I really am looking forward to being able to shift my focus from taking care of the house to taking care of myself.

(Though taking care of the house is part of taking care of myself, because besides it having a major effect on my mood and outlook, a clean and organised environment will make it that much easier to do the other things I need to do to look after myself.)


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Jun. 29th, 2009 09:07 pm (UTC)
I agree, #7#8, it feels like you can not win some times
but over all, its ok
today tired as hell.
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